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Passion Talent Presence Teaching Tools Welcome to StudioT the original clean air  allergy aware love your Hair Salon located in east Olathe, Kansas

With all this said, peace is ultimately what I hope to share, by providing a relaxing environment where you are valued and heard... where appointment sessions are one-on-one, and that the time invested toward meeting

your personal beauty goals will translate into easier, more stress-free days ahead…

that in the end we may count it all joy.

My name is Theresa Troll and it’s my pleasure to serve you.

My journey into Cosmetology actually  began about four decades ago, when my favorite babysitter would reward good behavior by allowing me to brush through her lavishly long, silky gray interesting incentive for this feisty little tomboy...(.much like the contradiction of “The Girl with the most Hot Wheels wins” being the same as she who could spend endless hours filling Barbie and Wonder Woman coloring books with fashion hair shades - complete with highlights, and full regalia makeup

....not to mention that year after year, longing for the coveted Barbie Styling head.)

So, in 1981, I ventured into the local Hairstyling Academy, excited at the prospects of opening a Barber Shop or Salon at my parent’s small town truck stop....or...I even fancied escaping to Hollywood where I could become a famous makeup artist for TV & movies.

But alas, those dreams were dashed as I instead became immersed in the world of 80’s big hair, harsh chemicals, and

limited resources for dealing with the ensuing allergic reactions from which  I began to suffer.

‘Twas then that “Beauty School Dropout” became my recurring theme.

Then, fast-forward twenty years, to the girl in transition… Moving from long term stints in New Mexico as a professional singer-songwriter and a “9-5 job” department manager, to a fresh start in Olathe, Kansas… praying about what she’s going to be when she grows up… and YO!... The opportunity for a career in Beauty  falls in her lap again! But this time things are different.  She’s older, wiser, and her resource has increased.  Oh, the allergies are still there, but hairstyling has become more creative, there are new freedoms, better tools, and gentler chemicals.  But these things, in and of themselves, are not enough to overcome. It’s really about knowing that

this is a calling, (not just a job), that makes it worth the fight.

You, (my clients), were worth the fight.

The contentions I’ve endured with eczema, contact dermatitis, inflamed and irritated skin, and the unidentified triggers for these debilitating conditions, ended up being the blessings that led me to research and discover alternative solutions for relief. These experiences also brought me to a much deeper awareness and understanding for others with similar needs such as asthma,

psoriasis, celiac disease, and fibromyalgia, to name a few. The working of these things together helped to construct

the foundational business philosophy of StudioT.


No two lives are the same. Work schedules, personal routines, and lifestyle activities all vary.  In fact, just like our thumbprints, no two heads of hair are identical. Texture, curl pattern, density, growth rate, head shape, and color are each one of a kind. My approach to

hair design is as uniquely individual as you, and I don’t cut corners to achieve the results you desire. To help you love your style, I exercise the most advanced haircutting techniques, strategic weight release, texture control, curl enhancement, and color placement.

Likewise, skintones and types also vary…. That’s where the miracles of StudioT-Colours Pure Mineral Cosmetics and StudioT-CARE 100% Natural Skincare come in. With StudioT-Colours loose bare minerals you get custom blended shades in the kind of makeup that’s dermatologist recommended for all skintypes, plus uncompromised purity, being cruelty free, and containing no bismuth oxychloride

or artificial dyes. The handcrafted StudioT-CARE brand of botanical facial products contains no chemicals, synthetics, or paraben preservatives. The FREEDOM line of lipbalm and body care products specifically target the needs of  both everyday users,

and ingredient conscious consumers desiring organic bases, or products that avoid common allergens, while

utilizing the benefits of essential oil aromatherapy.

Finally, the professional haircare, styling, and chemical processing products I administer and sell, are in keeping with the principal of remaining clean, effective, and ethical with sulfate-free, botanically infused, and low or no ammonia formulas. My choice to represent these exclusive boutique brands also reflects my commitment to support small, privately held, and other woman-owned businesses.

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